Personal Styling

How I can help you….

 I’ll give you the confidence to put outfits together which will make you happy which in term will make you look and feel your best.

My passion is building confidence through clothes; by showing you how to dress to make the most of your shape, wearing colours which make you sparkle, accessories to enhance your look and building an easy to choose from organised wardrobe which you’re excited to wear.

I’ve heard it all, and I‘ve been what you are now;

  • Wardrobe full to be brim and still nothing to wear
  • Standing in the mirror thinking nothing suits me
  • Picking flaws
  • Trying loads of pieces on and still going back to the same items on repeat
  • Envious of other women looking really stylish and be so disappointed that the clothes I like didn’t look like that on me.... doing huge online orders and sending it all back

It doesn’t matter what your shape is, what your budget is or your dressing style, I will equip you with the confidence and knowledge to make getting dressed something you look forward to and you’ll look great and feel great everyday.

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